Coarse Fishing Tackle Review: Hardy Marksman Specimen 13′ Float Rod

If you’re a coarse fishing enthusiast like me, then you appreciate the many opportunities you have to upgrade your coarse fishing tackle. Because you’re not stalking a specific species, your gear has to be especially versatile. Here’s a brief review of a great rod from one of the best names in the business: the Hardy Marksman specimen 13′ float rod.

About the Hardy Marksman Specimen 13′ Float Rod

I often reach for my Hardy Marksman specimen rod when I’m out for larger fish. Unlike other rods in its class, the Specimen 13′ does not have the top-heavy, stiff action that can make the fight more difficult for an angler. I’ve found this Hardy rod to be perfectly balanced, light in weight and definitely more responsive than bigger rods. Although it has an elegant, streamlined profile, the rod displays all the power you’d expect from an ultra high modulus blank. I did a bit of research on the carbon fibre from which rod is made. What I learned is that high modulus carbon fibre is exceptionally strong. Heat treated at temperatures up to 3000┬║C, this material has an amazing tensile strength of over 800,000 psi (pounds per square inch). Certainly enough to help you land a large, feisty fish!

Features of the Hardy Marksman Specimen 13′ Float Rod

Don’t be deceived by this rod’s appearance. Even though it looks like a lightweight, it delivers unparalleled power and control. This rod performs flawlessly whether I’m fishing in a river or still water. In case you’re wondering about the Specimen 13’s casting performance, I can report that this rod has unsurpassed casting potential. The designers at Hardy got it right by adding extra strength in the butt and middle sections, along with the company’s legendary progressive fish playing action. Like all Marksman rods, this one has an inbuilt anti-lock feature. This works to transfer the power and lunges of the fish into the rod curve rather than simply bottoming out. The result? Greatly reduced hook pulls, which adds plenty of excitement to the fight. The rod is fine-tuned for optimum performance and has quickly become one of my favourites.

Additional Information

The Hardy Marksman 13′ float rod also features 13 durable but lightweight Fuji SIC line guides with single-legged intermediates. In addition, it has a custom-made aluminium reel seat and uses high grade Flor cork throughout. Flor is the highest grade cork available and represents just the top 5% of all cork harvested annually. I think that he grip is particularly important because it is the only connection between the rod and the angler, so I truly appreciate the use of high grade cork. Other features include a screw down hood, hook keeper and laser-etched alloy butt cap. The rod is finished in a striking dark olive colour on the blank and whippings. It comes with aluminium stoppers and a protective Cordura┬« nylon tube.

Give this superb piece of coarse fishing tackle a serious look. You’re sure to like it as much as I do!