Jay Kubassek Review – Is He Really a Direct Sales and Internet Marketing Guru?

Jay Kubassek has an impressive history in business as the co-owner of Carbon Copy Pro, affiliate of Wealth Masters International, and past affiliate with Liberty League International. This review will focus on Jay’s work and influence in the direct sales and internet marketing scene; however, he has an extensive background in many other businesses as an independent film producer, owner of six companies, a professional speaker and trainer, an international real estate developer and investor, and an extreme sport enthusiast. It is also noteworthy to mention his philanthropist contributions to the Name Campaign in Africa, the Toasting Timbo Foundation, The Children’s Institute for Autism, the Salvation Army, the Tracy McGrady Basketball Camp, Mount Sinai Juvenile Diabetes, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation. This review will help readers determine whether Jay is a reputable and quality man to join in business.

Jay’s history begins rather humbly as an employee at Midas. Although he had an entrepreneurial spirit from his teenage years, his success only came within the last five years. According to inference from a blog entry he made in March of 2009, Jay is in his early 30’s. His first business as a teenager included caring for the $5 million dollar family farm in Canada and speaking for sustainable agriculture conferences. Although he faced complete failure for the first three years in home-based businesses, one day Jay got involved in a business-likely Liberty League International-with no door to escape. He maxed out his credit cards, and it was a ‘run with it or die’ scenario. Within a few weeks, he had made back his initial investment of two grand, and 90 days into it he quit his job. Six months later he was making $20-30,000 in a month. He broke the $100,000 per month mark in his tenth month as he began to shift his business philosophy to help others achieve the same success as himself. Started in 2000, at one time LLI was the most rapidly expanding direct sales company of the decade. Jay became a top producer for the company; however, eventually Jay and many top producers left. This was most likely a result of the negative publicity from the company’s tarnished reputation due to a lawsuit filed by the Attorney General. One day, Jay and long-time associate Aaron Parkinson shared business ideas. Three months later they co-founded what now exists as Carbon Copy Pro.

The most popular and notable of Jay’s businesses is the evolution into the Carbon Copy Pro marketing system. This system promotes the Wealth Masters International company for which Kubassek is an affiliate. Suffice it to say, Carbon Copy Pro has a presence in 160 countries and has a net worth of $20 million dollars. The company achieved a high degree of initial success as many members reached $20-50,000 per month incomes. The essence of the system is it cuts down the learning curve that internet marketers experience by eliminating several previously necessary skills. As a combination product to complement Carbon Copy Pro, Jay produced BiB (Business-in-a-Box) as a startup tool in 2008 in order to level the playing field for online marketers.

Jay has been featured in a number of press articles, including Home Business Connection August 2008, Equestrio, the New York Observer, HoBO, and Forbes. He has each person’s best interest at heart, and although I am personally not affiliated with Jay Kubassek in any way, I highly recommend following the principles he teaches and at least researching and understanding his business opportunities. Jay’s history speaks for his integrity as a reputable businessman.

The Instant Sales Pro; by Cy Charney – Book Review

Sales, is one of the most crucial aspects of business; in fact business can thrive only on effective sales. Cy Charney prescribes all the tips and techniques to ensure success in sales. Beginning with the need to know your customers and to not take them for granted, the book progresses by delineating on the various aspects of sales. Emphasizing the need for prospecting your customers six months ahead of the final sales act, the author brings home the point of eliciting feedback irrespective of whether you make or lose a sale.

The author elaborates on the techniques of networking, prospecting, presenting, overcoming objections and closing sales. Equal attention has been devoted to the nitty-gritty of sales such as the need for close listening, need for proper sales attitude, how objection is an invitation to closing a sale and the prime importance of timing for sealing a deal. The author thus traverses the wide sales canvas so as to cover the vast breadth of sales, which forms one of the vital aspects of business. The book indeed serves as an authoritative manual to gain comprehensive knowledge of the fine art of sales.

Sales cannot rest on just attractive advertisements, however aesthetically appealing they might be. Sales is indeed a painstaking process and calls for a good level of knowledge of the product as well as on related subjects, astute psychology, effective communication, good decision making and sound judgment.

This book will be extremely handy as it details on the nuances that are essential for mastering sales especially for beginners. Those professionals in the sales line, entrepreneurs, academics, in fact any reader wanting to get a glimpse of the sales profession will be amply rewarded as this book can guide them on how to place the cards effectively so as to tie up a neat sale.

As is widely acknowledged, if you know how to sell, in effect, you are learning the art of learning to sell yourself – the most indispensable ingredient for any business success. So get initiated into sales with this book and for sure you will not be disappointed.