About Internet Marketing Guru Mike Filsaime and His MarketingDotCom Reviews

The world of marketing has undergone a sea change. Before the revolutionary invention of World Wide Web, entrepreneurs had only two channels to market and promote their products, services or brand image, and that were: Electronic Media and Print Media. These media are still very popular way of advertising and promotional activities; however, internet now rules the marketing world. It is further popularised by many Internet Gurus like Mike Filsaime.

About Mike Filsaime and His ‘MarketingDotCom Reviews’:

After television and print advertising, internet marketing started gaining popularity and soon it was to be seen everywhere. Suddenly, Websites were the most popular tools used to represent and promote your company, products, services and brand name to large masses of viewers, from all across the globe. Seeing the rise in the use of internet as an effective marketing tool, internet marketing Guru, Mike Filsaime brought in a revolution by changing the whole concept and strategies of internet marketing.

He brought in the concept of ‘Affiliate Marketing’ which soon became the most popular and preferred way of marketing and selling products online. It is a tool that uses a third party assistance to promote your internet business on the internet itself. For e.g.: a professional Website.

Popularity of Affiliate marketing gave boost to E-commerce. E-commerce is closely related to internet Marketing. With the rise in websites, there was a consequential rise in e-commerce. Seeing the success of online marketing businesses, its popularity spread like a wild fire, which resulted in a swarm of internet enthusiasts. This is the stage when came the market got flooded with Internet Gurus, ready to spread their knowledge in exchange of your dollars. Sounds a fair deal, doesn’t it? However, not all of these so-called Marketing Gurus were authentic and not everyone’s online marketing products were reliable or of any use. Only the true experts, like Filsaime, survived and raised high towards success.

Filsaime’s Internet Marketing product, ‘MarketingDotCom Review’ was launched at this point only, when online marketing was catching up amongst novice entrepreneurs like a wild forest fire. In his product, he very clearly and in a simple manner explained the whole concept of Affiliate Marketing. He explained that the concept is all about an Associated Advertiser advertises for a product-to-be-sold on his/her website and provides a hyperlink redirected to the Merchandiser’s website. By this, the target web traffic first visits the associate website and from there they are redirected to the Merchandiser’s website, where they can purchase the product. This concept is now the basis and the factor responsible for the success of internet marketing.

In this product, he not only explained his own tested internet marketing strategies, but also gave simple yet effective tips and guidelines, directing enthusiasts on how to start, set -up and run their internet business. He laid special stress on keeping your website professional good content, and easy to navigate website layout.

His reviews have turned many enthusiasts into successful internet marketers and have helped many people gain an upper hand on their competitors.