Why Cruyff Trainers Became A Huge Name In The Shoe Business

The shoe industry is one of the most flourishing industries worldwide. Aside from the fact that shoes are necessity, one just couldn’t have too many pair of shoes. If you are a sport enthusiasts you may have heard of Johan Cruyff, his name is known in the football industry but later on became more popular with the launch of his very own shoe apparel.

Brief History of Cruyff Trainer

Cruyff trainer is a brand name for high end trainers, before the launch of his own company Johan Cruyff came to large shoe manufacturers whom he have intended to carry his line but because of several disagreement, the deal failed to continue. But Johan Cruyff did not give up and continue to pursue his goal of creating trainer shoes with very high quality, that deserves to carry his legendary name.

Initially Johan Cruyff launched football trainers that aim to be the most comfortable and durable trainers especially made for football enthusiasts. But because of his creative vision, people have seen how great his designs were and so his company expanded from football trainers to different sports footwear, having both classy and comfortable aspects.

The Success of the Cruyff

Because of the success, the brand name Cruyff made its name in the shoe industry thus today is well known and widely supported for its chic and special features. All Cruyff trainers are made from high grade materials and is precisely designed for varying purposes. Today Cruyff trainers can be bought at Harold’s lined up with other high end clothing and shoe brands.

Popular Cruyff Trainers

Here are some of the most popular designs in their huge collection:

The Vanenburg

This one has a very distinctive logo and is one of their carrier products. The “C” logo on the sides and metallic trim on the tongue and the toe cap are some of the features that separate this style from other products. It looks casual yet very tasteful. It comes in different colours that are very prominent in the end of the trainers, and the sole.

The Recopa

Recopa is very exquisitely designed, that also comes in different colours that suits varying tastes.The heel and the tongue features leather trim. It has a diamond stiches on the sides for a more dictinctive design.

The Minimalistic

Who wouldn’t recognise a minimalistic trainer when you see one? It is so simple yet presents contemporary edge, and is suitable to wear by almost anyone of any age.

If you pay close attention to details then there is no doubt that Cruyff trainers will suit your favour. The detailed designs made from high grade material and perfectly engineered by shoe experts is nonetheless all you need to meet full satisfaction.

Getting the Right pair of Shoes from the Right Shop

Cruyff trainers are available at Harolds and other local stores but because of the high demand from people wanting a pair, it is now widely sold on online shops.

Delayed Product Deliveries and Its Impact on Your Ecommerce Business

“We deliver your Pizza in 30 minutes or you get it for free” When Domino’s had come up with this challenge for its customers, they explained that more than it being a challenge for them, it was a challenge for their customers. A challenge to be ready when the Pizza gets delivered – hot and fresh right at their doorstep. A challenge, to be around. And last, but not the least; a challenge to be completely dressed when they knock!

Now, a challenge like this not only intrigues people but creates a lot of curiosity for the brand. A study conducted by Voxware on 500 consumers on their delivery expectations for online purchase proved that 69% would not prefer to shop from an ecommerce brand if they do not deliver the product to them on the day promised. So, what is the impact of delayed deliveries on your ecommerce business? And how would you overcome these challenges using a delivery date extension? Let us try to know.

Pressure on Customer Support

“I had ordered my product 15 days ago. Why haven’t I received my product yet?” Delay the deliveries by a day and your email box will be full of such queries. And it depends if your company is reachable on call or not. Otherwise, your phones won’t stop ringing either. Imagine the amount of pressure it will put on your employees! Instead of focusing on enhancing your brand or attracting more visitors, they will get busy answering queries. Also, it will affect the revenue generation and have a negative impact your workforce.

Negative Reviews on the Website

Well, this is something you can’t save yourself from. Reviews play a significant role in making or breaking your sales. People can write reviews showing your company in bad light. Not just on your website but also on different forums on Google. Now, if your delivery services are not up to the mark, the possibilities of bad reviews are higher. On seeing the reviews, the customers might get apprehensive about making transactions with you and you will lose several potential customers.

Social Media Criticism

By now, you must be aware of how important social media platforms are. Now, let’s say you have a page on social media and your delivery standards are plummeting. If your services deteriorate, your customers will write comments on your page and report against you to the social media authorities. This will result into your page being taken off and your page being shut down. Imagine the kind of impact it will have on your brand name!

You definitely do not want to go through the hurdles mentioned above. And hence, you would need a system in place that helps you to make deliveries on the dates that your customers want you to. Now, let’s say you have a Magento ecommerce store and you want to ensure timely deliveries. In this case, you can search for order delivery date extension and find the one that goes with your requirements.

So, How Does a Delivery Date Extension Work?

The major objective of any Delivery Date Extension is to take the uncertainty and speculation out of the delivery system. When you install an extension like this one, it enables the e-store owner to set the convenient delivery dates from the backend and reflect it in the front-end for your customers. Thereafter, your customers can select the date they want the delivery on and order for themselves.

The advantage of plugins like these is that it enables you plan for your deliveries in time and reach upto your customers’ expectations. We hope that you find the one that suits your requirements soon. All the best!

Self-Publishing and the Kindle Platform

In this article, you will learn how to use the Kindle platform in selling your books. Kindle is one of the hottest publishing platforms for all types of books. If you want to publish your own books using this great platform, read on.

Prepare the File

This is the first part of publishing your work. Here, you need to make sure that you have the right file format. Amazon supports a wide range of formats, but these are the best ones:

· Mobi – This format supports indexing, compression, navigation controls, and other complex features.

· HTML – This format relies on HTML (i.e. hypertext markup language).

· DOC/DOCX – This is the standard format for MS Word.

· ePub – This format is compatible with almost all types of e-book readers.

Important Note: Amazon supports illustration-dependent materials such as children’s books. To learn more about the tools you’ll need for this format, visit the Amazon KDP help page.


You may upload your file as is using the “Upload” button on your Kindle Dashboard webpage. However, this is not your best option if your book has a complex structure. If you need some help in formatting your work, you may take advantage of the conversion services offered by professionals.

Some of the best service providers are:






Publish the Book

Now that your file is ready, it is time to provide the details of your book. Enter the book’s title, the name of the author, the categories, the keywords, and other pieces of information that the Amazon system might require.

Cover Creator

Use the tool called “Cover Creator” to create a cover for your book. This option is great if you know a thing or two about designing. If you already have a cover image, just upload it to the system.

Important Note: Don’t worry if you lack designing skills. There are many people out there who can create book covers for you. For instance, you can visit http://www.upwork.com and/or http://www.fiverr.com to get affordable cover designs.

The Price

Set the price of your book and choose a royalty percentage. The percentage you’ll select will affect how much money you’ll get from each sale. The 70% royalty option offers higher income per transaction, but you will have to pay a “distribution fee”. Also, this royalty option is not available to everyone. The 30% option (i.e. the default one), on the other hand, prevents additional fees.

Your dashboard will show you detailed information regarding the performance of your e-book. Use those reports to monitor the book’s performance and count the royalties you have earned.

Promote your Book

Amazon.com will market your book as soon as you publish it. Your book will appear on the computer screen of potential customers. However, you can’t rely on this “automated marketing” alone. You also need to do certain things.

For instance, you need to upload trailers for your book. You can create one or more videos to introduce your new book then upload the videos to the Author Pages section of your Amazon account.

You also need to ask your readers to give reviews. Positive reviews attract more readers. Lastly, choose an attractive cover for your book. The cover serves as a powerful marketing tool. It can attract or repel potential readers, so make sure to choose the most relevant one.