Kindle Publishing – Easy Tips

What does it take to be a successful self-publisher? Quite a lot. Not only will you be investing some money into it, the process of putting it together will also require effort on your part.

However, as most writers know, this is all worth it once you have that manuscript ready to go. For many, the sales they make from it is only secondary to the fulfillment of having written and published a book-all through self-effort.

If you’re just starting out and currently staring at that blank first page, everything might seem daunting. It is but don’t put your pen down just yet. If you’re unsure of how to begin, below are some tips to help you get ideas going.

Pick a genre – This is one of the greatest obstacles for a new author. There are so many things that they can write about. There’s fiction, self-help, biographies and plenty of other genres that a lot of potential readers will find interesting. However, at this stage, the only person you should be thinking about is yourself.

What do you want to write? What are you most comfortable with? The point here is that you need to enjoy writing it. If you don’t, nobody will enjoy reading it. This is a fact.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes – Even the best authors commit them. Think of it as nothing more than another step to the process. First drafts are always a mess and usually, more than half of what you have written for it will get scrapped- to be replaced with better and more developed ideas.

Instead of trying to organize everything from the start, try the practice of “free writing”. This is basically the act of putting down whatever comes to mind – a sentence, a scenario, the ending to your story or even a character. Keeping everything in your head is fruitless and there is also that risk of forgetting a really great idea – the kind that you may never catch again. So write and write as much as you want.

Get over your fear of criticism – One of the biggest reasons as why people keep their writing to themselves is because of this particular fear. If you’re planning to take the self-publishing path, remember that you are also opening your work up to both positive and negative reviews. Developing a thick skin is necessary, but a listening ear is just as important. Take criticism, filter through it, and take what you can use to improve yourself.

Last, but certainly not least, don’t think too much about the money -Yes, part of the reason why you’re doing this is because of the potential financial gain. However, do not let this become your only motivation. Doing so might reduce the quality of your work and make you succumb to following the “trend”.

Just follow your instinct and always write from the heart. It doesn’t matter what genre your work falls under-a reader can see how passionate you are about the writing and that is what will make them want more from you.

These tips may seem basic, but at the heart of any good book is a solid foundation. Whether you’re a new self-publishing author or someone who is looking for new perspective to writing, we hope these tips were able to provide you with what you needed. Good luck!