Driven by David Kiley

This is one of the few dedicated books that provide a complete inside picture of the makings of a great car manufacturing company, in this case – the BMW. A keen auto journalist, David portrays the complete canvass of the brand called BMW, the unceasing effort undertaken to make its cars distinctive, the clear focus of its brand identity with the affluent, its inseparable link of design to marketing as well as the disastrous consequences of the Rover deal acquisition. The book makes for compelling reading as the author gives all the inner details of the finer aspects of the car components and structure, the behind-the-scene corporate maneuvering, the ups and downs in the owner’s family, the heavy cost incurred due to the wrong decision on Rover deal acquisition and the poor response received to redesigning attempts. What makes the book interesting is that it never gets too technical to be boring but combines all the interesting details about the engineering and marketing philosophy of BMW along with the tumultuous history of the company.

In all a racy book worth reading not only for auto journalists, car manufacturers, and professionals, but even owners of the proud car, and any lay person wanting to know the complex road that the company traversed to produce its brand of highly exclusive and renowned cars.